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Well, if you really need to know the answer to that, then you'll just have to tag along. In fact that's the whole idea of this site. Our main purpose in posting this site is to create sort of a "digital diary"so our family and friends can keep track of us throughout our South American trip.

We will soon be providing links to pages for anyone out there that is interested in the motorcycling aspect of our trip, where we will try to provide updates on traveling conditions as well as a section on DO's and DON'Ts of motorcycling in South America. We will also be providing an email link for anyone who has similar info to pass along.

There are also links below that will take you to individual perspectives from Karen (la Rana), and Michael (el Sapo).  Along the Way will cover the travel portion of our trip as it develops. It will also have links to some of our first experiences leaving the pavement on our earlier trips through Mexico.
The Through the Lens link will chronicle the progress of our research into the issues of migration, and social displacement confronting various indigenous groups.

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Unfortunately, it was a while before we got the directory up for the first part of the Chilean segment. For Chile it is best to go to the LINK & DIRECTORY text above. While each of the individual segments now has its own home page and directory, it has been difficult to navigate back to this main page to move between segments. I will be gradually going back to those segment "HOME" pages and entering a link back to this page so that you can move between the segments below. You will always be returned here when you click on the "Whirling Planet" home symbol shown below.

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