As we welcome you to this latest segment of our little saga, I find myself once again in the uncomfortable position of playing "catch-up". The simple truth is that after nearly seven weeks on the road I have to admit to having taken procrastination to an entirely new level. The fact is that we will be leaving Mexico, the first country on our itinerary, in just a few days, and heading into Belize and then on to Guatemala. We seem, however, to remain somewhat unfocused as to our ultimate destination. This is not necessarily a bad thing, and I might also point out that this is not the first time that we have found ourselves in this position, yet things have always found a way of working themselves out. When pressed, I have been telling people that our destination is Brasil, while early on in this junket Karen would generally refer to this as a Central American trip. As we have discussed  other exigencies with fellow motorcyclists with whom we have crossed paths, Argentina seems to have risen on the list as a place well suited to ship the bikes back to the States.
    Whatever it turns out to be, the one thing that becomes abundantly clear is that, at this point, each passing day finds the task at hand becoming more a measure of my short term memory than the diary it was intended to be. I will try, of course, to maintain some kind of chronology, but I make no promises. I might also point out that this general lack of direction on my part has left me with this somewhat uninspired name for this particular portion of our travels. About the only thing that we are sure of is that we will be covering part of the same hemisphere as the original Sapoyrana trip back in 2002/2003. We thought about a number of ways to express this.  We remain, as always, open to suggestion. Hope you enjoy the ride.
It starts around the Copper Canyon.