O Melhor do Brasil
(The Best of Brasil)

We mentioned earlier that we had exchanged emails with some folks from a motorcycle club who had generously offered their help if we needed anything while in Curitiba. We had emailed again before leaving Torres, saying we could use some help finding a good mechanic to do oil changes and to take a look at Karen's bent rims. We called the cell phone number they gave us and talked with Paulo the club's president. He asked the name and number of the hotel we were at  and said he would call us back. My Portuguese is not that great but we were able to get by. We were staying at the Bristol Park Duomo downtown, and about an hour later we got a call from a young lady speaking perfect english. She was the manager of the Bristol Dom Ricardo near the airport, which is also about a half mile from the Gárgulas clubhouse. Apparently they had gone there to see if we could be moved closer to them so they could help us. The suites at the Dom Ricardo are around 70 dollars, but she said she would give it to us for the same $30 we were paying. When we explained that we had gotten totally soaked in that tropical storm, and that we had all of our stuff scattered around the room drying, she told us that the club would send a van for our gear in the morning, and we could follow them back to the hotel. A driver showed up for our gear at 8:30 the next morning, and after depositing us at the Dom Ricardo he told us someone would contact us around noon. The clubs president Paulo showed up, and spent the remainder of the afternoon with us at a mechanic shop that did all our service work and straightened Karen's kinked rims. I can't begin to tell you how highly regarded the guys from Gárgulas are. Everywhere we went people waved, and even the somewhat stuffy staff at the Dom Ricardo seem to hold them in high esteem.