Buenos Aires

Porteños (residents of Buenos Aires) are among the friendliest people we have met. It is however commonly acknowledged that Argentinos are famous for there huge egos, and there exists an entire repertoire of jokes to that effect. The grandiose style of the Capitol extends even beyond the realm of the living. Recoleta cemetery houses perhaps some of the largest tributes to the dead since the pyramids. It is said that it is cheaper to live a lifetime of extravagance than to be buried in Recoleta.
The crypt of Argentine Noble Prize winner in chemistry Leloir (above) is just one example.
The burial of Eva Duarte Peron caused a major stir within Buenos Aires' power elite when it was brought here after first resting in  Italy and later in Spain with her exiled husband. She was not considered to have been born to a station that would allow her to be interred in Recoleta.