El Plomo

We hiked as far as this waterfall. Arriving at this altitude even a short walk can be somewhat exhausting. The views here are simply breathtaking.
The mineral rich water that springs from the rock at right is a cold water spring  that flows around the shallow pool to the left. The pool is at body temperature and the warm water "percolates" from the bottom. After the hike, it made a refreshing stop in spite of the brisk mountain air. When we returned to the baths, 3 Chilean guys on 250 enduros were setting up camp next to us. When we asked how the river crossing  was two of them began to laugh pointing at their friend and saying submarino. Apparently two of them had gone down in the river, one of them submerging completely. The bikes had to be pushed across. If the lightweight 250s were having trouble, its probably a good thing that we didn't bring the much heavier dualsports.