Foz do Iguaçu

I've always been an absolute sucker for sunsets and waterfalls, and Iguaçu is about as big as they get. In fact it is so big that it is impossible to see all of it from one country. People are divided on whether the better views are from the Brasilian side or from the Argentine side, but most agree that it's best to see both. On the border between Brasil and Argentina, just east of where it meets the Rio Paraná, the Rio Iguaçu falls in a horseshoe shaped series of cascades that is over 2 kilometers in length. They are so massive that spending an entire day on each side still does not allow you to see the whole thing. The Brasilian side will get you closer to the base, while the Argentine side will put you right above the center of the horseshoe--the Garganta del Diablo--the throat of the devil. These photos are from the Brasilian side.
The first view from Brasil is to the Argentine side of the river.
The scope is so massive that no single shot can capture even a small portion of what you can see from any one place. The mist spray can be seen from miles away as one approaches the park.
The mist at the base of the first tier on the Brasilian side provides a nice respite from the jungle heat.