O Melhor do Brasil
(The Best of Brazil)

Paulão e Karen na frente do Dom Ricardo.
After seeing to our bikes, Paulo took us back and showed us their clubhouse. It's a comfortable spot with a bar, a bandstand, and a pooltable. It also has a parrilla, and whatever club members are around gather there for jantar  (dinner). We were warmly invited to join them, and that night we met several of the group, who shared stories and fotos of many great rides.
Paulão, Berto, e Angela. Há carne na parilla atras.
Angela helps out around the clubhouse, and Berto writes a newsletter for the clubs website. Berto also interviewed me about our trip. The club has plans to build a small hostel for people traveling by motorcycle. They have plans for one suite for couples, and another barracks style room for guys to bunk in. They will also have a place to do laundry (always a consideration for people living out of saddlebags). There will also be a place for secure parking. Check out their website for updates.
Tambem queremos dizer obrigado a Carlos, Ceci, Alexandra, e todos não presente no foto.
In the photo above, Karen is wearing a T-shirt that the Gárgulas gave us. It is from a triple alliance of clubs that includes the Gárgulas, the Cabalheiros da Estrada, and the Deserto Aguilas. Ana, Magrão's wife, highlighted Karens in gold leaf (below). We also need to give a special thanks to Alexandra, the sweet daughter of Ana and Magrão. Alexandra, who taught herself english by downloading and translating music, came the first evening to act as interpreter.
 Ate logo Gárgulas!