Santiago de Chile

Arriving in Santiago on Christmas day didn't leave us with a lot of options as to what to do and where to eat. We had heard a lot of stories about the polution in Santiago, but arriving during a holiday lull in traffic we found it to be fairly minimal. We had heard that the polution can be so bad that you can hardly see the mountains. We went for a walk the first day, and although it was a bit hazy the mountains are still pretty amazing. With a temperature in the upper 80s, you can still see snow caps on the mountains. The picture below is of the Mapocho River that flows through Santiago. Workers have diverted the river to one side, while they lay a 16" thick mosaic of stone to reinforce the river bed. The purpose of this is that they are building a subterranean highway beneath the river that will run to the airport.
Below, Karen contemplates her first Chilean menu. Many of the fruits and vegetables have entirely different names than in Spain or Mexico.