Heading South

Since I had some work that I could finish in Santiago, Karen decided to attend one more week of language school. We have been awaiting the return of a Chilean historian Jose Bengoa who is vacationing in Chiloe in the south of Chile. There are several people that we have been trying to contact in the south as well, and we are trying to work out  the logistics without inconveniencing anyone. On Saturday (Jan. 26), I was able to do a little bit of filming at a población on the edge of Santiago. There will be more on this on the film pages that are coming soon (I promise). On Sunday we took  a ride south west of Santiago to Pomaire. Pomaire is a quiet little village just off the main road from Santiago to the port town of San Antonio. On Sunday that quiet is broken by local youths who compete vigorously to attract the many carloads of tourists to local eateries. People are drawn there by the simple elegance of Pomaire's very utilitarian pottery. Made from greda, a clay not quite as fine as the arcilla used in finer work, they produce a variety of items from large durable pots for gardening to the small frying pans (pailas) that are common in everyday use.
On Monday we finally made contact with two of the people we wanted to speak with in the south, and it became apparent that if we were to wait for Sr. Bengoa we would miss the opportunity of visiting with these other men. Since Sr. Bengoa is a professor at a University here in Santiago, we decided to take a chance that we would be able to visit with him on our return from Argentina. On Monday night we gathered up our voluminous load, and early Tuesday morning we said hasta luego to the staff at Residencial Londres.