Ralco II

In the photo below you can note a hundred foot wide horizontal band where the trees have been cut. This marks the shore line of the reservoir that will be created by the Ralco dam. It will inundate everything including the road that we stand on,and all of the side canyons that feed into the BioBío. The trees below the cut will be left to rot underwater. The road we are on is a beautifully maintained gravel road built for the army of trucks that run back and forth to the quarries. The new road that Endessa has built higher up is a narrow and treacherous thing, much like the road we retreated from. It will be the only access for those who were relocated above the dam.
Puffs of steam are just visible from the vents  on the Callaqui volcano. It sits just above the Ralco dam site. Sara says it is a reminder to Endessa that the land is still alive.
After a hot day on a dusty road, there is nothing like kicking off your boots with a nice cup of Nescafe and a Belmont.