A word on the site!

A few words first about the site: I'm sure that many of you have been frustrated by the lack of navigation tools on this site. While preparing for this trip I was in the process of learning the MAC platform. The MAC is essential for my film editing, and to view these pages in the fonts they were created in requires a MAC. With the exigencies of selling our house and two of our motorcycles, moving our belongings to our place in Tucson, and finishing my Interferon therapy I had little time to do extensive research on Web Servers and accessibility in South America. We had been on a DSL hookup with our PC at home, and we signed up for AOL's cheapest dial-up service because they have access in most of South America. It turned out not to be necessary. The towns here in Chile are loaded with Internet cafes, and the places we have been that do not have them usually don't have phones either. We have been using one of Yahoo's least expensive web -server accounts, and we initially had a bit of trouble with FTP compatibility. Consequently, we are using their internal Quick Upload ftp, which limits page size somewhat but otherwise has worked quite well. One final issue is how we have been building the pages. On the PC, we had Dreamweaver software, but it does not work across platforms. I have been left with creating pages using Netscape Composer, and since I have had trouble downloading their templates I've had to make pages one at a time. In addition, it is somewhat difficult to "plan" a site that follows a course that is anything but planned. Our journey is governed by the availability of people we hope to interview, as well as the weather and road conditions. All of this said, I feel that for a 55 year-old who had never touched a computer until a few years ago, and given the travel conditions, things are going fairly well. In Santiago I was "gifted" a copy of Dreamweaver for MAC by a French artistic director from Hong Kong, so I promise the next trip will have a more professional looking site. Until then, you'll have to bear with us.